Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saudi Editorial Warns of 'Dangerous' Girls who Use 'Feminine Wiles' to Trap Men...

The grand mufti has warned girls of sweet-talking young men, which could lead to their being blackmailed. He urged the girls to resist whatever these young men may try and to report them to the authorities. All clear enough and correct but one question remains: Who is going to protect the young men from blackmailing women?

There are girls who are more dangerous than men and who will use all their feminine wiles to lure and entrap men and take advantage of them in order to satisfy their financial desires and needs. Such blackmailing is very common, especially if the man has a family. Some men have important stressful jobs that do not allow them the extra hassle of blackmail.

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  1. Now I know. Little Aisha, age 6, daughter of Mohamed's best friend must have used her feminine wiles to blackmail Mohamed, age 53. I wish they told me so at the madharusaa.

    Ah well, she got thighed for that.