Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Muslim Arab Mimicking Industry of Divehin

Islamic Scholars are like African Grey parrots. Some of you may find this assessment harsh, brutal and undeserving. Then again sometimes the wound has to be opened and cleaned before you apply the medicine for the cure to work.

Yes. Islamic Scholars are like African Grey parrots.

African Grey parrots are considered to be talented talking parrots and are probably best known for their amazing ability to mimic. The African Grey's talent to mimic is not restricted to human speech; they readily and skillfully imitate many other "human" sounds like microwaves, doorbells, telephones, coffee grinders and percolators, computer modems and water faucets, to name just a few.

We have sent some of our children to Islamic schools abroad to learn to mimic. They come back and teach us to mimic the Muslim Arabs. We set up schools in Maldives to learn to mimic the Muslim Arab. This whole business of mimicry has become a huge industry. A large part of the national wealth is now being spent to keep these Muslim Arab Parrots happy.

There is also this other side to the nature of the African Grey. Apparently Wild African Grey Parrots frequently whistle, shriek, squeak, click, etc. Learning to tolerate this natural quality of your Grey is supposed to be important if a peaceful relationship is to be maintained.

In a similar fashion these Islamic scholars are constantly shrieking about some Shaithaan and that we must all obey Allah and follow some guy named Mohammed otherwise when we are dead will suffer horrible things.

They will squeak if you don’t stop what you are doing and give their mimicry center stage and prime time attention. Like a lingering diarrhea, five times daily I am subjected to this torture. They are always trying to impose their censorship and behavioral rules on everybody. We all know their music is haraam and Allah will send tsunamis routines. For there to be peace, these birds are demanding all Dhivehi in willing submission become Muslim Arab mimics like them.

I just want to point out we are practically in a hostage situation.

Now if an African grey continuously mimicked the sounds of a flushing toilet or a tile-cutting saw at a construction site, it could be annoying.

When the Muslim Arab is mimicked there are huge consequences. The most damaging mimicry we learn from Muslim Arabs is the treatment of the female. It is a perverted, disgusting and evil way towards the female sex.

To conquer the world, the Muslims came up with an ingenious social invention - a breeding system that motivates successful warriors with a great incentive to spread their faith and their culture. Islam has the remarkable advantage of being highly patriarchal and polygamous with great sexual benefits for those warriors able to conquer in its name; Islam was and remains a great male racket.

These “Islamic Scholars” want to continue and expand this racket in Maldives.

The subjugation and enslavement of women under a rigid system of gender apartheid is the oxygen that keeps their racket going and what these mullahs are doing in Maldives. Maldivians have done away with the one man-one woman formula for having and raising their offspring and made the female a commodity like donkeys or camels.

These kinds of behavior demand that we become zombies – a people who do not use logic and reason.

I just keep following the instructions of Allah and Mohamed without questioning.

Option One

After I die, if Allah is happy with how I followed his instructions I will get virgin girls and I can ejaculate non-stop. I just bring my imagination along and Allah will provide the rest.

Option Two

If Allah finds out I did not follow his instructions, he is gonna burn and fry me in pain for eternity. Allah’s imagination must be without limits,

African Grey parrots have been tested using rigorous scientific standards, and are classed alongside the most intelligent animal species.

Dr. Irene Pepperberg's extensive research with captive African greys, famously with a bird named Alex, has claimed they possess the ability to associate human words with meanings, and to intelligently apply the abstract concepts of shape, color, number, zero-sense, etc.

According to Pepperberg and others, they perform many cognitive tasks at the level of dolphins, chimpanzees, and even a human toddler [8] There exists a good deal of skepticism regarding the last assertion.”

My assertion is that these "Islamic Scholars" are like African Grey parrots. And they have created an industry which is a plague on Divehi society.

Calling them 'scholars’ is an insult to my intelligence.

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