Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maldivians leave the path of Darma and ape the Arabs in their treatment of guest workers

“They were often only provided porridge for breakfast and as for the rest of their meals, they have to rely on their own catch of fish. They only get drinkable water from rainfalls. Some (have) even thought of stealing drinking water," said Myrna Grimaldo, wife of one of the distressed workers, during a press conference held Tuesday by Migrante International in Quezon City.

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Some of the comments to the article :-

Anonymous said...

I have been worried for a long time, about the way foreigners are treated in the Maldives.

Bad treatment of foreigners is common in Arab states.

Consistent ill-treatment of foreigners does not go very well with the idea of democratic rule.

However, it goes very well with autocracy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maldivians think they can humiliate poor south Indians and Bangladeshi's. Well now have a real taste of the bitter far east!

Moshaibism said...

We can't provide basic human rights as long as we believe in supremacy. Most of us think that we are superior to all. The only people to whom we give good treatment is Arabs because they are one step higher than us. So forget about giving any good treatments to Kaffiru. Try to be on the side of Arabs.

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