Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beauty Contest - Saudi Style

The losers become dinner!

Goat loving Maldivians appear to be increasing. And knowledge of goats is increasing within the Dhivehi goat herding community.
Maybe soon, in addition to our sports and educational victories abroad, a Divehi goat will win the coveted trophy in Saudi Arabia.

For more information on goats you can visit our very own Haadhee.
Born and raised in Maldives, he is a Muslim and proud of Islam. Currently an Islamic law student, interests include, Islam, politics, psychology and business, he educates us at haadhee's page about things like it is makrooh to sacrifice an animal whose penis has been cut off.

For the goat herders of Maldives, DR brings you the latest goat news from Saudi Arabia>>>>>>>

Men who stare at goats — Saudi style
Omaima Al-Fardan | Arab News

Aaid ibn Al-Zarif ibn Al-Ziraif ibn Akif is not just a man’s name. Aaid is a male goat with a blood relationship to Al-Wardi, a prized male Damascene goat, a particular breed with a distinctive face.

It is not a joke as this blood relation is what concerns goat buyers and owners in the Kingdom. Those interested in goats will always emphasize the family trees of their goats in order to guarantee their pure breeding and their belonging to a well-known goat family.

“It is not only Aaid who is well-respected,” said Abdullah Al-Hajri, an organizer of goat auctions in the Eastern Province, adding that another sought-after male goat is Jarad Abu Jarad Abu Sami.


“The hair above the eyes is cut to show the size of the eye. The hair on the head is cut to show the elegant shape of the head. The hair on the neck is also cut to show the length and beauty of the neck,” said Al-Hajri, adding that all these points are essential for evaluating the beauty and blood purity of the goat.

Among other sought after features in the goats are a long and straight tail, a long bottom jaw, long ears and straight hocks. Like everything else, goats are also believed by some to be affected by the evil eye. Nasir Al-Haidari, a goat dealer, said that his male goat — a descendent of Al-Zarif (a famous progenitor of valuable goats) — had the evil eye put on him at a sale. This affected his mating ability and Al-Haidari fed the goat Viagra but it didn’t work. What he thought was more useful was giving him water after a supplication had been read over it. The eight-month-old male goat is less valuable in comparison to his two sisters who are worth SR120,000 to 150,000, said Al-Haidari.


  1. That is quite a goat!

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