Monday, February 22, 2010

Indian teacher accused of preaching Christianity expelled from Vaikaradhoo, Maldives

22 February 2010
Mariyam Ashiya

An Indian teacher employed at Haa Dhaalu Atoll Vaikaradhoo School has been expelled from that island after being accused of spreading Christianity.

Vaikaradhoo Councillor Ahmed Hashim said that the Indian national who taught Computer Studies at the school on that island was sent to Male on Thursday at the request of the Ministry of Education. He said that a Maldivian teacher had complained that the Indian had been trying to tell students stories about Christianity in order to spread that religion.

Hashim said that “even as he was being escorted out of the island the man had asked someone to spread the stories he had told. The man had also taught a Christian prayer to a large number of students.”

"He had spoken to students about the Sacred Prophet (Mohamed) in derogatory terms", Hashim added.

The Police Office confirmed that although the matter has been referred to the Police, investigations are being done by the Education Ministry.

So far we have not been able to obtain any comment from the Education Ministry regarding this matter.

Earlier this month there was an allegation that a foreign teacher who teaches in Raa Atoll Rasgetheemu had spoken to students criticising Islam.

(Translation of Haveeru news item)


  1. Dhivehi Christian4:57 PM

    Islam cannot survive where there is freedom of religion. Islam is scared of Christianity. That is why it bans Christians and Christianity. Simple.

  2. Cristobal Fabbro di Venezia1:33 AM

    Hello. I'm from Italy. I have spend many holidays in Isole di Maldive. I have cancel my next trip. In Italy and Europe we permit Islam but in Islam country like Maldive we don't get same treatment.

  3. Anonymous12:41 AM

    A bit out of topic, but not unrelated...

    Maybe its just me, but I am sure there are many many Muslim countries in this Haiti Disaster Relief infographic. After all it killed 200,000 thousand people and made millions homeless practically overnight.

    Now Islam being the religion of peace and mercy, I don't have the slightest bit of doubt in my mind Muslim countries would - no make that should - stand out in this infographic. It has to be me. I simply cant find it.

    Can anyone else who walk the straight path of light show me what I am trying to find out here?

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