Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LAKUMDEENAKUMWALYADEEN - The myth of "Muslim Tolerance"

Ali bin Abu Taleb beheading Nasr bin al-Hareth in the presence of Mohammed and his companions.
Critically analyzing Islam is not a difficult task, as the writings and history of the 1400 year Islamic movement are quite extensive. The difficulty arises when anyone identifies any possible fault or point of critics whatsoever.
Muslims are hyper-sensitive to any criticism or observation that does not glorify and honor their ‘best’ religion and in particular their prophet, ‘Muhammad’.
Whereas all other religions seem to be able to survive all sorts of arguments and disparaging comments, Islam tolerates no such dissent or discussion of any kind. In Islamic lands the punishment for insulting the prophet is the same as it has always been …death.
This sort of intimidation has proven to be very effective in lands which are fully Islamic. Muslims yesterday and today are terrified of
the response by Islamic fanatics should they accidentally disrespect the Qur’an or say something negative about the prophet or accepted teachings. You can criticize leaders and lay alike only by saying they are not Islamic enough, but suggest that the theology is flawed or needs reforming, be prepared to be dispatched to hell very quickly. Non-Muslims have also suffered at the hands of ‘believers’ by making ‘insensitive’ comments about the religion or their prophet. The first documented violent acts of the religion were when Muhammad attacked and killed several of his critics, which seems to provide Muslims today all the justification they need to continue that practice.
In Islam it is still the year 1427.
The more Islamic a state is, the more its women are shrouded and confined, the more its minorities are despised - and the more freedom of thought and speech are crushed.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    'Whereas all other religions seem to be able to survive all sorts of arguments and disparaging comments, Islam tolerates no such dissent or discussion of any kind.'

    It seem it is strongly suggested from that sentence that there is some kind of equivocation there, between 'survive' and 'tolerate'. Islam too certainly has 'survived', (whether or not it is tolerant of criticisms.)

  2. I agree with the pictures... the ppl who write articles in this blog should be killed...

  3. Anonymous9:51 PM


    way to go, my creature.

    anonymous: by the sword, killed or subdued, not by argument or debate. i have instructed mankind and jinns to kill all infidels who will not prostrate towards the Black Stone adorning the walls of my mansion in Mecca, The Cube. and you're invited.

    Mr. Allah
    c/o Messenger Muhamed
    The Cube, 1st Floor
    Holy Mecca
    Soody Arabia Post code: 786

  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    well once again the POPE Ismail Rasheed is trying to prove islam is wrong,,, welll i think ZeroGeeK and Vainrooney has give u a gud replie and i Love the most is that in one of the comment that Zerogeek Made was "Bible is released Patch version in avery month like a O/S" he hheheh...i too agree with it .....

    Ismail Rasheed well tell y u are soo........ against islam nd we all wanting to see a reasons.....a valid one...........?

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Ismail Rasheed & anonymous

    What kind of arguments are you talking about that Islam had not 'survived' but other religions have? As for the philosophical arguments against the metaphysical doctrine of the existence of God and soul, Islam does ‘survive’ as good as any of the remaining monotheistic religions ‘survives’. As for the moral arguments against it, show me a normative theory of ethics which does not have problems. If there is no such theory, again Islam has 'survived' to the extent that such doctrines ‘survived’ under ‘criticism’.

    If the statement that other religions have ‘survived’ under rational argument or debate means that other religions have replied/responded well to such argument or debate, I totally disagree with you, if you especially include other monotheistic religions. From nonsensical theodecies (e.g. against the so-called argument from evil) to pseudoscience (e.g. creationism) to replies to ethical questions (e.g. restriction to ban on condom use) they have miserably failed to respond to rational argument or debate.

  6. Anonymous11:07 PM

    anonymous: if you think Islam is as miserable as worshipping a used condom I'm in total agreement with you. You're absolutely correct when you say that Islam is evil and will miserably fail in rational argument or debate. I couldn't have said it better.

    I perfected your religion, Mohameddanism, 1400+ years ago. Unfortunately there are few people who understand it like you do.

    And do not refer to me as "anonymous", insolent servant. Call me "allah".

    Mr. Allah
    c/o Messenger Muhamed
    The Cube, 1st Floor
    Holy Mecca
    Soody Arabia Post code: 786

  7. Anonymous11:32 PM

    -Sister Leonella, the Italian nun who was shot to death outside a Somali hospital this week in an attack speculated to have been a reaction to Pope Benedict's controversial remarks on Islam forgave her attackers with her dying breaths, witnesses say.
    "I forgive, I forgive," she whispered in her native Italian just before she died Sunday in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, Rev Maloba Wesonga said at her memorial mass in Nairobi yesterday, according to an Associated Press report.
    Born Rosa Sgorbati, Sr Leonella, 65, who had lived and worked in Kenya and Somalia for 38 years
    Sr Leonella's slaying, outside the hospital where she worked, raised concerns she and other foreigners killed in Somalia recently are victims of growing Islamic faithThe 14-year-old brother of a Pakistani journalist working for the BBC was found murdered yesterday in a remote tribal area that is a stronghold of pro-Taleban militants. in the Horn of Africa country, where a Muslim militia has been expanding its reach.

    -Somali Christian sources report Ali Mustaf Maka'il, a 22-year-old college student and cloth merchant who converted from Islam to Christianity 11 months ago, was shot and killed in Mogadishu. The gunman shot Ali in the back Sept. 7 after he refused to join a crowd chanting Quran verses in honor of the lunar eclipse. Solar and lunar eclipses are significant in Islam and are accompanied by special congregational prayers.
    The killing came less than two days after a Mogadishu cleric urged Muslims to "hunt down" and kill those who insult Islam following the Pope's controversial remarks about the religion last week.

    -ONE woman who will not be getting married is Yusra al- Azzam, murdered by self- appointed Hamas religious police for the crime of picnicking on the beach with a man who turned out to be her fiancé

    -MULTAN, Sept 5: Khanewal police on Tuesday arrested two men for allegedly stripping off a widow and parading her naked in Chak 93/10-R as punishment for her son reportedly tried to disgrace their cousin a few days back.

    -Saudi Arabia deported four East African Christians last month after they were detained while leading a prayer service in Jeddah. Arrested on June 9, the church leaders were beaten and imprisoned for more than a month in torturous conditions.


  8. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Hey VainRooney look as zeroGeek said this POPE has Changed his blog name... he really wants to be a Crist..hehe u are jst a kid a that copy past articls in ur blog be more creative for ur self then arguing and making others are argu.....about religions...

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    vainrooney and zerogeek,
    You idiots. He has changed to a Jewish name.

  10. Anonymous11:50 PM

    U r referin urself as 'allah', wut, r u mad?, that is shirk and u continue to do that and die u will go straight to hell.

    i suggest the author of this blog to learn about islam and not to throw allegations like that.

    and whoever reads this blog, be warned none of this is true

  11. Anonymous3:08 AM

    There are people called Abd allah. So it could not be shirk. Allah is the Most Merciful.

    anonymous: It is people like you that give the Holy Religion a bad name. Talking about hell and scaring poor people. Remember that Islam is about peace. Please do not hound the forsaken.

    May Allah forgive everyone and guide us to Him.

  12. Anonymous6:41 AM

    This 'Mr Allah' is not worth replying to. He or she does not know how to respond rationally.

  13. Anonymous9:17 AM

    anonymous: oh yes. responding "rationally". please don't. when muslims respond "rationally" the civilized world cringes.

  14. ismail goldstein? man ur still lost or what? ismail was the name of a messenger of Allah, who u surely don't believe in.... it might not be arabic, but its still related to Islam that u hate so much... U JUST SCORED AN OWN GOAL HERE ISMAIL RASHEED. LOL

  15. n as for u, the one referring to urself as "Mr.Allah", can't u be more creative? i can see that ur just seeking attentionto urself... ur replies alwez have the same things, blck stone, mecca, blah blah....

    so try harder next time :-)

  16. i bet now even ismail rasheed is writing as an ANONYMOUS... cos we're respondin to his crap with great answers, he does not dare to use his name n reply.... cos then the whole world will know what a crap head he is... :-)

  17. hey ppl, i'v got class.... so g2g for now... will come back with great answers for u islam-haters later.

  18. Anonymous1:55 PM

    vainrooney: oooh you attend a barbaric Madrassa? marvellous. what do you learn there? how to groom a camel?

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  20. unlike u, I dont study at a christian church or a jewish synagogue like u where they teach u rubbish...

    i'm not studying religions or anything, but I am yet able to answer all the quesions u've been asking about Islam... that must be bothering u like hell i guess..

    and since when did this conversation get PERSONAL??? havn't u got any more rubbish to say about Islam???? i'm waiting...

  21. Anonymous5:36 PM

    if you're looking for "rubbish", islam itself is rubbish. the rubbish is out there, in your head, in your barbaric books. dwell on it. bask in it. suffocate on its ignorance.

  22. why don't u just go running ur mouth and actually PROVE something???? anything???

    heheh... i know u can't... u just keep saying this n that.. u dont prove it... so give some proof????

  23. Anonymous8:20 PM

    The core of Christian belief is based on the idea that everyone has sinned, and because you have done anything wrong that God will punish you by burning you with fire, or otherwise torturing you forever. If a 5 year old tells a lie and then dies, God will burn that kid in Hell forever.Out here in the real world, if someone behaved like God supposedly does, that person would be severely mentally deranged. We put people who behave like God in jail or mental institutions. In fact, many people are locked up every year for imitating the "Wrath of God".

    If Jesus could see what Christianity has evolved into, he'd be spinning in his grave!

    Then there's this Jesus guy who's supposed to be "God's Son", born of a virgin, because sex is something evil, and he's here to cut a deal to get you around his dad's wrath. God has an anger problem you see, and so he has to sacrifice his own kid to appease himself so that he doesn't have to torture people he created forever in Hell. So, Jesus has to die on the Cross for your sins, but then he's resurrected, so he's not really dead anymore. And now he's "paid the price" so those who "believe" in him will not fry in Hell like the rest of us.
    Even though God created the universe and created billions of us, and he's all powerful and all knowing, he seems to have an identity problem and is so insecure that he needs us to worship him. Kind of like a kid shaking his fist over and ant colony demanding to be worshiped and obeyed, but on a much larger scale. God loves us, but needs to punish us, unless we worship him. It's like God is some southern hick child abuser or something. Maybe we should call family services on God for child abuse? Anyhow, Christians believe God has a God sized ego problem and needs us to worship him or he throws fits like destroying the world and such. God doesn't seem to have much control over his behavior and often is controlled by his own strong emotions.

    God doesn't seem to really care much about what you do, but in what you believe in. It's "faith" not "works" that impress God. So, a mass murder who gets "saved" during his lethal injection will go to Heaven, but the Dalai Lama is going to burn in Hell. So, you can be bad all your life and change at the last minute and get into Heaven. Christians obviously think God is pretty stupid and will fall for something like that. Actually, they don't "think" that because you're not supposed to think. you got to "have faith" to believe something that stupid. Faith is the belief in something that has no basis in logic or reason.

    The bottom line is, Christianity is about the fear of going to Hell. They say it's about "love" to, but hey, people who love you don't torture you in Hell forever, so I'm not buying the "he loves you" crap. And even though God created the universe, he's just not very good with money, and he needs you to give him your cash. God was a lot more out there in ancient times than he is today. God likes to work behind the screens, being the invisible guy in the sky, and let the churches do his work. He doesn't talk directly, so he need babbling nut cases to speak for him, (in tongues), with another nut case interpreting it. God is rather impotent these days and is authority seems to be limited to getting even with you after you're dead. So God needs his army of Christian Soldiers to do his work for him.

    God isn't powerful enough to save everyone, so only the "chosen few" make it in. The Jehovah's Witnesses have set the number at 144,000 people, and that's it. Only Christians get in, and then it's limited to only "True Christians". A True Christian is your personal flavor of Christianity and most all other Christians are not really Christians, but are really working for the Devil. Satan seems to have more influence here than God does. Satan is some fallen angle who somehow suckered God way back when and got power. I guess someone stupid enough to believe a death bed conversion can fall for anything, and isn't very bright. So Satan is misleading all but the chosen few who are True Christians and are going to Heaven.

    This creates a dilemma. With all the flavors of Christianity out there, how does a person find the True Christians? I guess you're supposed to "know it in your heart" but there are a lot of Christians out there who are listening to God speak to their heart and getting a lot of conflicting information. God is having a hard time getting his story consistent it would seem, or, you have Satan out there pretending to be God and if you are fooled, God is going to punish you. Remember, God is one seriously pissed off dude and has no room for error!

    So, unlike other religions, like Jews and Bhudists, Christians believe that Gods has chosen them and therefore they are better than everyone. And because of that, they have no respect for anything other than their own limited and narrow perception of the world as their particular flavor of Christianity sees it.

    Christianity is as much based on culture as it is on dogma. Christian culture is rooted in the belief that you're better than everyone else. That because Christians are forgiven, they are "washed in the blood of the lamb". They are chosen, going to Heaven, while the rest of us are going to burn in Hell. Christians are "morally superior" to the rest of us because "God is on their side" and the rest of us are "tools of Satan" we are "unclean" and we are "evil" while they are "clean" and "good". They believe the bottom line is, "we're good, they're evil" and therefore the rest of us are below subhuman heathens. And they will tell you this to your face. And it's ok if they do it, but is someone says that "Christianity is a cult for weak minded people" -- My God! You're persecuting Christ!

    Since Christians are the chosen ones and they speak for God, then what they believe defines what it "moral" and what is "immoral". This having little to do with actual ethics, but there is some overlap. Murder is generally considered a bad thing in all cultures. Atheists and Realists agree with that. But sex is considered immoral outside the context of Christian marriage, an in the case of Catholics, outside the context of reproduction. Sex is not a form of amusement to Catholics and is look upon as a necessary evil to repopulate the planet. Birth control is also considered a sin to many Christian cults. Christian fail to realize that if sex were limited to the context of Christianity, the human race would have become extinct, which would however eliminate sin and keep God from getting pissed off.

    Christian go to church mostly for the purpose of reinforcing their beliefs in their own self-righteousness and moral superiority. There they can show off their "faith" in front of their fellow worshipers and participate in cult membership rituals so that they can feel secure that they are an accepted member of their tribe. It allows them to reaffirm their beliefs through mutual ego masturbation, where members reaffirm to each other that they are God's chosen few. People speak in gibberish (tongues) and tell stories of miracles that never happen. It's pretty scary stuff when you realize that these people a really sharing a mass mental illness ritual that is further separating them from the real world and causing them to believe things and behave in ways that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

    Another form of Christian Ego Masturbation is the fetus fetish. On the surface Christian portray themselves as "God's righteous army fighting the evil Satan worshipers who are slaughtering innocent little babies that result from their uncontrolled sexual urges." But in reality, Christians don't care about "the baby" and once they get past preventing an abortion, the mother and child are on their own. The real issue behind fighting abortion is that Christians believe that children (bastards) are God's way of punishing women for being sluts.

    Pregnancy is God's way of punishing teenage girls for being sluts.

    But the Christian Fetus Fetish is also an extension of Christian group sex rituals and an expression of Christian group sexuality as a whole. Christianity is one of the most sexually obsessed religions on the planet. Sexuality permeates Christian rituals.Christians perform a form of sadistic sexual oppression on young girls, waiting for them to sin, and then holding them in public disdain for their sexual evils. It is Satan, after all, who creates "lust in the heart" so Satan represents the incarnation of Christian sexual desire, and pregnancy is God's punishment for allowing Satan to use their bodies for sexual purposes. A teen carrying a baby allows Christians to entertain themselves with a judgment rituals of the girl who can't "hide her shame". Guilt and shame sexual rituals are a big part of Christian culture, and the sensation of moral superiority is very addictive and destructive.
    Pregnancy and being a young unwed mother label a woman as a slut and allow her to be used as a judgment object and someone to secretly be lusted after as a "bad girl in the church". They become objects of gossip and contribute much entertainment to the Christian community. Abortion threatens this experience because is allows women to sin without punishment, and thus encourages women to do the Devil's work (have sex) and get away with it. It denies the sexual experience associated with the judgment of the fallen, and the men of the church have no clear way of knowing which young women are sexually active and perhaps available for extramarital activity. So through Abortion, the congregation is denied the opportunity to take advantage of the young girls in their community.

    The Abortion issue also gives Christians something to do, something to stand for, to create an identity around and issue. Woman who are pregnant are very vulnerable, especially if they are young. After all, what's a 14 year old pregnant girl going to do? These young girls represent a sexual commodity and abortion turns them back into normal little girls again. But they are an easy target, and Christianity is a religion for lazy believers who don't want to have to work hard to get their moral fix. Therefore picking on little girls becomes an easy job, as compared to ending poverty and feeding the homeless.

    We, as humans like to think of ourselves as special. The idea that we will die and simply cease to exits it a scary thought, and difficult to comprehend. We want to think that this planet is more than a speck of dust in the universe among trillions of other similar planets were there may be billions of life forms more advanced that us. We like to think of ourselves as above the animals and that somehow this planet is special, that humans are special, and that we as individuals are special. Therefore, we are ripe for wanting to believe religions that tell us what we want to hear, rather than what's true.

    Christianity tells us what we want to hear. That there is an omnipotent parent figure in the sky who watches out for us, loves us, and that we are special. It says that we will never die, appeasing our need to believe we will live forever, in a better place, where all our problems go away. Do I want that, sure! Who wouldn't? But is it true? Unfortunately, no it's not. If you want to live forever you'll have a far better chance by donating you money to genetic research than to a religion. Something to consider the next time you write that check.

    Sex is also a source of human denial. We humans are above the animals, we would believe, and we don't indulge in "instinct" because we are intelligent and we use "reason" and "logic" instead. Yes, we do, but reason and logic are newcomers and instinct has been around a lot longer and is a lot more powerful. And sex is the biggest example of behavior that put us right there with the animals. It's pure instinct and there's very little difference in how we mate that every other creature that mates. In many cases, we aren't even as good at it than the average male dog.

    Sex is a necessary human function. We are the decedents of 3 billion years of sex. There are people who have risen above their instincts to control their sexuality, but those people are not our ancestors. We are the decedents of those who failed to control their sexuality, or had no desire to control it. It's an instinct homed by billions of years of evolution, and mush of our behavior is controlled by our sexual instincts.

    Christianity is based on sexual denial and sex becomes the "work of the Devil". It equates sex with evil and irresistible temptations, caused by Satan, to steal the souls of Christians from God and subject you to eternal punishment. sex is an easy target because when you're not having sex, it seems like bizarre behavior. Other instincts, like eating, breathing, drinking seem more natural and one would quickly die if denied. Therefore sex is the best target for redefinition as sin. But sex is life and without it we wouldn't be here, but Christians have criminalized human reproduction outside the domain of their control. If sex is immoral, the life is immoral.

  24. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Since Christians are right and everyone else is wrong, Christians are mandated to expand their cult to try to include everyone in the world. They want Christian controlled governments to enforce their Christian way of life on the masses and have the authority to punish the non-believers. The idea of personal rights and liberties is contrary to surrendering your life and free will to Jesus and doing "his work" as dictated by the church. After all, if you're not serving Christ, you're serving Satan, and you are the tool of the Devil and serving an evil purpose. So the idea of personal liberty and free thinking is the same as giving rights to Satan to be evil. Something God would never approve of, but seems powerless to stop. The omnipotent creator seems to have to rely on us mere mortals to do his work for him, and we, according to Christianity, have that task of winning souls over to Christ. So it's ok to repress the heathen non-believers because we heathens are the enemy of God. Obviously, Satan is working through me right now making me write this, and you're being influenced by Satan in reading it. Pray that you don't believe a word I say!

    Christianity has no respect for any other religion, including other flavors of Christians.

    So, because of this, Christians have a (not so) secret agenda to control the world. The come beating on your doors because you are "possessed by the Devil" and they have a holy duty to "convert you to Jesus" so that you and your family won't burn in Hell forever. Not all religions are evangelical. Jews don't come around beating you your door asking "do you know Moses?" In fact, the Jews don't want you to convert and make you study and pass tests if you really want to join. Most Christians who convert to Judaism are doing it out of some weird twisted form of Christian craziness because they want to convert Jews or assimilate Jews as a form of Christianity. Christians seem to be obsessed with Jews and Jews would rather be left alone. As would every other noncritical.

    Unlike most religions that hold you accountable for your behavior, Christian salvation is based on what you believe. it's you're faith, not your works, that get you into Heaven. Christian are "forgiven" their sins, therefore Christians can go out and sin, and get away with it.

    However, Christians aren't supposed to sin. Sin is the Devil working through you and is considered a bad indicator as to the state of your "faith". So sin is discouraged, but there is no direct relationship between your behavior and judgment because you're not judges on what you did (wrong) but on what you believe in. This allows Christian to have two standards of behavior, what they are supposed to do, and what they are allowed to get away with. Christianity caters to lazy and irresponsible believers who can continue unethical practices that most other religions wouldn't put up with. Jews also believe in judgment, but judgment is tied to what you do, not what you say you believe in. Jews believe that what you do is a true reflection as to what you really believe. Eastern religions are similar except that instead of the Heaven/Hell/Judgement paradigm it's about moving up and down the reincarnation ladder.

    In general Christianity is a cult and a menace to society.

    All these beliefs are equally stupid, but a religion that ties personal behavior to rewards or punishment beyond death at least serves the purpose of intimidating stupid people into being good. On that account Christianity fails to make that connection and is therefore condones implicitly irresponsible behavior among it's followers.
    Christianity is also an ecologically irresponsible religion. Christians believe that Christ is coming back and is going to destroy the world, and therefore it's ok to trash the planet because Jesus is going to destroy it anyhow. This destruction is going to occur in our lifetime ... however, we did make it through Y2K and Jesus isn't here yet, and if I were a Christian, I'd be getting pretty nervous that Armageddon is coming any time soon. Nonetheless, Christians don't accept that this planet is a finite ball in space and it's our home (for now) and that we have to keep it clean and livable.

    The biggest ecological threat we have is overpopulation. Christianity is the enemy, in general, of responsible family planning, which includes access to abortions and birth control. The church opposes the use of new technologies that empower women to have control and choice as to when they will reproduce. Christianity considers sex a sin and that pregnancy to be a deterrent to sexual behavior, and to remove the penalty of pregnancy would result in increased sexual activity. However, the church's opposition to birth control, mostly by catholics, has resulted in overpopulation and has increased famine, disease, and death. Christianity has not been the friend of preserving the limited resources of the planet.

  25. Anonymous11:38 PM

    so what u are trying to prove

  26. against shaytaan3:13 AM

    U're nt makin any sense there with christianity. even a blog with nuthin in it is better than this blog. shaytaan is playin with ur head and u think it is a massage. seriously do u even think b4 u answer any of us who r commentin.

    May Allah guide to the straight path

  27. against shaytaan... i really don't think they can come to a straight path...

    they are being paid huge sums of money to divide out community... afterall ppl like that go for the earthly happiness, money is everything for them...

    they have sold their souls to the devil...

    no saving them now...

  28. WeWillNotBeSilenced2:02 AM

    No, we are muslims, we do not respond with violence like the media have portrayed us but we respond with kindness, that is why we should make dua that they be guided to the straight path.

    May Allah guide all of us to the straight path

  29. Anonymous6:10 AM

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