Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lies, lies and more lies

100%muslim. The phrase is almost inescapable. You hear it everywhere and almost everyday. But is it true? The constitution says Maldives is a islamic country. But the constitution and laws are not 100% in accordance with the Koran.
Repeatedly we hear that Maldivians embraced Islam. Peacefully.
What about the historical records? The Isdhoo Loamaafaanu? We have brought some of it in a previous post - "The earliest surviving Maldivian government record, etched onto copper in 1194 records that Buddhist monks from the island of Isdhoo in Laamu atoll were taken in triumph to Malé and beheaded by 'the great king Gadanaadeethiya the Prosperous, the uplifter of the noble Lunar Dynasty... defender of the entire hundred thousand islands.' Pursuing a policy of Islamisation, the king 'refrained from killing those infidels who entered the faith of the noble Prophet Muhammad, got them to utter shahaadhath and freed them having performed circumcision on them.'
They were killing anyone who refused to enter Islam? Peaceful indeed!!
To their credit, some people are speaking out.
Inscribed on copper plates buried at some of these destroyed Buddist temples are accounts of how Arab missionaries beheaded 200 priests in just one day in Male', simply for refusing to renounce their religion. True to the non-violent nature of the Buddist religion, they did not organize an opposition. They did not fight back. They just calmly submitted to be beheaded like goats to the slaughter on Muslim holy days. And more importantly, they were Maldivians. The best and the brightest of them!
Is everybody in Maldives a Muslim? No. I personally know many athiests, Buddhists and Christians. I know one person who is a Hindhu and another who claims to be a pagan. But the change is coming. I have seen in some writings where the Maldives is now described as a predominantly Muslim country.
100% Muslim? No. Peaceful conversion? No.
It can be repeated a million times. The ignorant and the misinformed may believe it. But it is not true. It is a lie.


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Maldives is a 100% muslim country just like the way it's a democracy. (I'm being sarcastic, fellah)

    nobody disagrees with u about the 100% thing. You urself are one of the biggest proof that we have a plague within our community... the plague of Christianity...

  2. By your logic everyone must be a believer... As the first persons who came to this world, Adam and Eve were believers by our records... Stop talking garbage...

    Now coming to the 100%, I will repeat, by law to be a Maldivian you have to be a Muslim... So technically if you are not a Muslim you are not a Maldivian... Maybe this sound a bit harsh but those few folks that you are talking about do not count... And I personally will never support to change that... If you want that freedom of religion migrate and come back when you decide otherwise...

    May we all be guided...

  3. And those buddists were just afraid that they will not have anything else to do... As their source of income is being a monk... Logically they will stand... It is nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with economics...

  4. 49:14
    The Arabs say "We believe." Say "You believe not but you only say, 'we have surrendered,' for Faith has not yet entered your hearts". But if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not decrease anything in reward for your deeds. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful...

  5. Dhivehi Christian7:27 PM

    "I will repeat, by law to be a Maldivian you have to be a Muslim"

    Yusuf, please quote that law for me.

  6. Majeed9:40 PM

    Remember Maumoon's 29 members? The ones who are in the Majlis to prevent MDP from changing a certain law about religion? I think Yusuf is talking about that one.

  7. Just do your own research!

  8. Dhivehi Christian1:30 AM

    If you make a statement you must be able to back it with facts. Don't just tell me to do my own research for a law that does not exist. I don't like wild goose chases. Yusuf, you need to shape up your logic or simply ship out!

  9. Dhivehi Christian1:34 AM

    Majeed, in a litigation if you refer to "a certain law" you will soon be laughed out of the courtroom. Kindly name that law and quote the relevant passage(s) for me please!

  10. It is the besetting vice of democracies to substitute public opinion for law. This is the usual form in which the masses of men exhibit their tyranny.
    -- James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851)

  11. Dhivehi Christian5:32 PM

    I did not ask you for public opinion. I asked for the law. What is the law that you referred to? When all else fails do you quote kuffar?

  12. If you are so interested... find it our for yourself...

    They are places where you can find it... There are books you can refer... People like you always depend on others... I wonder why you have a brain, eyesight and hearing when you want others to use it for you!

    So you want to act dumb?

  13. Dhivehi Christian1:36 AM

    Now you are repeating. Perhaps that was how you learnt your alQurap; by rote. If you feel comfortable with that method let me repeat for you what I said before:

    "If you make a statement you must be able to back it with facts. Don't just tell me to do my own research for a law that does not exist. I don't like wild goose chases. Yusuf, you need to shape up your logic or simply ship out!"

    That law does not exist. You were making it up, telling porkies, fibs and common lies. Now have you registered that, or do you want more remedial help to comprehend what I have said?

  14. Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever... It is better this way!

    If you don't know it, let us keep it that way...


  15. Dhivehi Christian1:43 PM

    Quoting another kuffar are we, Yusuf? I accept your surrender!

  16. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Shunan and Nass,
    so you do not deny that maldivians were forced by violence into Islam?

  17. Dhivehi Christian10:16 AM

    Yusuf Shunan, at least Napoleon Bonaparte had the courage to surrender at Waterloo. While you quote Napoleon (another of our kuffar) you show no such courage

  18. Yoosuf MD2:47 PM

    You might want to check the 'Gaanoon Asaasee' book which is available allllllllllllll over this crickety town. And don't worry. That law is present. I'm sorry that I can't BACK my words for now. I don't have that book. But you may try one of the local bookshops or the National Library. I'm sure will find this book. So if you are a "dhivehi christian" you cannot be any dhivehi than claiming to be one. Or hoping to be one..