Saturday, May 05, 2007

"I fled police in my mother-in-law's burka"

"A man accused of detonating a bomb on a London Underground train told a court yesterday how he fled the capital disguised in a burka.
Yassin Omar said he escaped 24 hours after he set off a rucksack device on July 21, 2005, as he was terrified the police would shoot him.
Omar was giving evidence for a second day on charges of being in a gang which plotted to explode bombs across London's transport network two weeks after 7/7.
He said he took one of his mother-in-law's black burkas because she "had lots of them".
She used to sell them so there was one which was big enough to fit his 6ft 2in frame, Woolwich Crown Court, South London, heard.
He smiled as he was shown CCTV footage of himself in the burka and holding a handbag, walking to get a coach with his wife. "

Another story from our popular Men In Buruga series. To read all go to the Daily Mail

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