Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saudi Women, Oppressed by Husbands, Turn to Stripping in Internet Chat Rooms in Search of "Admiration"

Reporter: Behind closed doors and far from any supervising eyes, they remove their shame and turn their backs on all customs and traditions. Girls display their bodies in chat rooms on the Internet, in most cases, free of charge. As soon as one of these girls places the camera in front of her, she begins to strip, displaying her seductive charms to more than 300 young men of different ages. Some believe that the phenomenon of stripping over the Internet may be understood within the framework of social hypocrisy, especially since they believe that our religious and educational discourse does not attribute importance to the strengthening of self-restraint, and prefers the appearance over the essence. This drives some people to play several roles and wear several masks.
Commentator: Women are seeking emotions and admiration. This way, she gets words of admiration for her personality and even her body. She might remove one piece of clothing after another, in order to gain this admiration.

Above are excerpts from a TV report on Saudi women and web cams, which aired on LBC TV on April 18, 2007. To read the full transcript got to MEMRI TV


  1. Gabrielle4:54 AM

    I am a Maldivian former Muslim until I converted to Christianity and changed my name. I live in France. Why aren't our people learning from Saudi Arabia? See what happens when women are forced to wear that ugly hijab. I thank Jesus every day for saving me.

  2. Gabrielle5:11 AM

    Me again. I like to visit this blog now because the Islamists have gone away. The rest of us can get on with our blogging in peace! Thanks.

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    We dont trust you.

  4. Dhivehi Christian5:21 PM

    Read about the "fastest-growing religion in the world". Islam pretends that the thousands of Muslims who quit Islam every year are Muslims even decades after they leave Islam. This is how they rig statistics and fool themselves into believing that Islam is the "fastest growing religion in the world". Malaysia: Totalitarian aspects of a "Moderate" Muslim regime by Adrian Morgan

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