Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cries of "Allahu akbar," and 12-year-old boy beheads man

Amid cries of ‘Allah o Akbar’ (god is great), a young boy, barely 12 years old, lifts his machete and strikes at his victim who is lying on the ground, all tied up for the kill.
Waving a ‘V’ for victory sign with his right hand, the boy picks up the severed head and shows it around to the chants of applause from an audience gathered in a remote part of the region straddling the mountainous range which divides Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The performance in this chilling episode which may simply shock most people around the world, is the case of militant justice meted out to supposed traitors. It involves Al Qaeda and the Taliban slapping exemplary punishment to an individual suspected to be a spy for the government.
“This (boy) is a killing machine who has been indoctrinated from age nine and prepared for his act by the time he is 12” says a Pakistani intelligence official who showed the video clip to CBS News as just one piece of evidence of Al Qaeda and the Taliban training young boys to become accomplished killers, even before they become teen-agers.
This video has been captured by Pakistan’s military troops during their operations in the country’s semi autonomous tribal areas, as they went from village to village, searching for militant sanctuaries.
In the village of Spinkai-Roghzai where a group of journalists including CBS News were taken by Pakistan’s military on Sunday in the Waziristan tribal region, officials showed debris of what is described as a suicide training ‘nursery’. Under a pile of bricks lay the remains of an oil extracting factory which was a cover for training young boys to become ideologically charged up.
“There is no harm in taking ‘jehad’ (holy war) for the right cause” read the sign board in a training class, documented in yet another Pakistani intelligence video, secretly captured ahead of the operation, through the use of hidden cameras inserted around the front compound of the school. A teacher, who wrapped himself up to his face with a piece of cloth, pointed towards a list of “recommendations for students” while surrounded by teenagers, urging them to embrace virtues such as “accept the way forward through sacrifice” and “accept that laying down your life for the right cause is not a waste”.
With thanks to Farhan Bokhari and CBS News. To view the gruesome video visit the CBS News link.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    How very Jesus Campish of them. Oh well, more proof that all religions are just brainwashing and child abuse. Sad.

  2. Dhivehi Christian5:05 PM

    Anonymous, it looks like you are throwing the usual Islamic red herring. When you claimed to demonstrate "proof that all religions are just brainwashing and child abuse", did you really include Islam?

    The sincerity of your statement would only be demonstrated if you explicitly state that you believe that in the case mentioned in the CBS article there is "proof that ISLAM is just brainwashing and child abuse". No need to bring religions into this case because it was only the Death Cult (Islam) that was at the root of the brainwashing and child abuse reported in the article.

    The Death Cult (Islam) was founded by a sex maniac murderer called Muhammad. No religion in the world was founded by either a sex maniac or a murderer. When Muslims kill they are following Muhammad's example. When Buddhists kill they go against the example of Buddha. When Christians kill they go against the example of Christ. That is the bottom line.

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    "did you really include Islam?"

    I did. All religions are brainwashing and child abuse including and especially the Abrahamaic faiths.

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    lol. you and your sanitized bottom lines.

  5. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Cutting off a human head while shouting your god Allah is greater than any other god infidels may pray to or believe in is human sacrifice.
    Blowing yourself up with a bomb while screaming Allah Akbar is human sacrifice in the cause of Allah.
    Muslims are the only people who practice human sacrifice in the 21st century

  6. Anonymous5:17 AM

    It is interesting wot deep reflection can yield, i must say; a random realization has since then dawned on me. and its just too fricking hilarious!

    woudn't you agree "Christian" ?
    *evil grin*

  7. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Islam, like the materialist philosophies of fascism and communism, seeks not the emergence of the individual, but rather the erasure of the individual. It seems to assume, like communism, that human beings essentially exhibit a universal response to universal stimuli, which can only be deduced from materialistic determinism.