Friday, May 23, 2008

Egypt:Al Azhar spends $10 billion on Islam while Egyptians can't find bread

The Jihad for The Sake of Bread

Egypt, the land of the greatest civilization that gave the world the wonders of the Pyramids and the Library of Alexandria, that has been known to be the light of the world. Once It was swept by fundamental islam, expelled the Jewish population, oppressed and keep persecuting the native descendants of ancient Egyptians, the Copts (both Jewish and Copts that made Egypt the most thriving, economically and culturally in the Middle-East). Became the motherland of the Muslims Brotherhood, that exported to the world the phylosophy of islamic terror through its satellites accross the globe which gave birth to Al Qaeda and companies. Now egypt is hungry, and a time bomb that could explode with repercusions felt all over the Western world.

Muslims wants to boycot Dutch and Danish products. Now they kill for a piece of bread

Egypt, the biggest country in the arab world, has been experiencing the gravest situation of it's modern history since the begining of the year, shortage of subsidized bread that is the main food item for at least 60% of the population.

The economic situation in Egypt has been going from worse to catastrophic. We have been pedicting that, for the last year, warning that the islamic radicalization would lead the country to a total bankruptcy and turmoil.

Islam is ruining the country, Besides the billions (disguised Jeziah) the US is giving Egypt, Al Azhar islamic institutions is in command of an open budget that exceeds $10 billion for building mosques, paying sheiks'salaries, sending Da'wah (missionaries) that are experts in bomb making all over the world. While the infrastructure, school, universities, medical services, hos[itals, transportation, water supply, sewer systems, roads, are falling into disaray, with the highest unemployment rate in the world, 60% of a population below the age of 30

Al Azhar declared: If you die in the line of bread, you're a Shahid

Now, and for the last three months Egyptians have to stand in line and fight to buy bread, which caused the death of seveteen people up to now. The funny thing in that misery, Al Azhar issued a fatwa, stating that whoever gets killed in the bread line would be considered a martyr (Shahid). The jihad for the sake of bread. What a consolation for hungry and miserable people. Islam always have the solution. If islam brings you misery, hunger and death, islam won't leave you depart empty handed, you're a Shahid, and you will get those 72 virgin whores, and all the Kentucky fried chicken (with no bird flew) you can eat, without the need for viagra. That beats "les biscuits" Marie Antoinette suggested for the hungry people during the French revolution.

The situation is desintegrating rapidly, with a government in total paralysis and corruption, under a ruthless dictator (Mubarak), and the harshest living conditions ever for the majoroty of Egyptians. Worth noting that if islam is the result of this catastrophic backwardness, corruption, and disintegration, it could lead to more radicalization and benefit the fundamentalist factions such as the "Muslim Brotherhood, that promote the slogan, "Islam is the solution."

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  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    USA spends billions on wars in Iran and Afghanistan. Why not spend all that to get rid of African poverty? American economy has gone down and Americans have to pay more and more taxes. I'm sure there are more Americans than Egyptians. Calculate that and then talk.

  2. Dhivehi Christian1:47 AM

    We cannot equate Egypt squandering its own resources on an ideology of hate (Islam) and depriving its own citizens of those resources to America fighting that ideology in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Africa already has vast quantities of natural resources, which its leaders are daily squandering and siphoning off to private bank accounts outside Africa. One only has to look at one's junkmail box to find evidence of this.

    Africans have to take charge of their own destiny and use their own resources to wipe out poverty. Africans don't need handouts from America to get rid of it's own poverty.

    Engage your brain into gear before you engage your tongue, fingers and keyboard, Anonymous!

  3. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Dhivehi Christian - you said "Africans don't need handouts from America to get rid of it's own poverty." Where do you live? On Mars?

    A few weeks back Japan said it will offer $10 billion to help Africa battle climate change. Just because you have bigger eyes than the average Japanese doesn't mean you have a bigger brain.

    George W. Bush also thinks Africa needs aid. In fact he pledged $15 billion just to combat AIDS. Oh well, he's not a very smart person, so that 15 billion doesn't count I guess. My bad.

    About a year ago, world leaders agreed that Africa need $60 billion to fight diseases alone. Perhaps you are smarter and have better sense of judgement than them? If so, excuse me.

    You ignored the other part of the earlier comment which talked about the heavy taxes and the affects on the US economy because of the wars. Spending billions to kill Muslims seems a good idea to you I feel.

    I suggest you open your eyes before you engage typing on the keyboard rather than blindly typing like a monkey.

  4. Dhivehi Christian6:40 AM

    "I suggest you open your eyes before you engage typing on the keyboard rather than blindly typing like a monkey."

    Wow! I guess I managed to kick-start your brain into anger-management gear with that post!

  5. Don't avoid the comments Dhivehi Christian. Cat got your tongue?

  6. Dhivehi Christian5:31 PM

    The article is about an African country, Egypt, squandering its resources on the Ideology of Hate- Islam. I stated in my previous comment that Africa is resource rich and that its resources are being squandered by its leaders. I also stated that Africa does not need handouts from others to eredicate poverty. I stand by that statement. That benevolent benefactors such as the USA grant aid to Africa does not diminish the fact that Africa has resources which are being squandered by Africans.

    To eradicate poverty in Africa, the Middle East and Asia the civilised peoples of the world must not just give handouts to the poor. They must also eradicate the root causes of the poverty, namely greed of leading locals and hate ideologies such as Islam. America is simply addressing the issue on more than one front.

    The War on Terror is a just war, which will eventually eradicate Islam off the face of this planet. A world without Islam will be a better world.

    It is interesting that Jao has stepped in to give "anonymous" a hand. Was that a Freudian slip on your keyboard, Jao?

  7. Anonymous4:59 AM

    "freudian slip" ????...wot the fok is that?

    Africa is in abject poverty because its resources are being siphoned into western markets through western corporations, as a direct and intended consequence of WTO's biased trade policies. Unforgiven debt(the so called Aid given)in the billions and billions, refusal to cut down on farming subsidies for western primary producers, free trade agreements that violate its most basic tenants, outsourcing of cheap labor- all continue to, and will keep Africa, and indeed the third world locked in a never ending cycle of poverty and dependency. What little is pocketed into the bank accounts of the despotic leaders kept in charge of the herds of subhuman masses in Africa, is Nothing compared to the enormous profits these transatlantic-transnational corporations is robbing Africa of.
    It is these corporations that drive the modern and liberalized democracies of the world.

    Christian, do you even know wot the fok you are talking about??

  8. Anonymous5:02 AM

    "10 BILLION dollars" ???...hahah wot a croc of shit!..kinda lik the 1 billion dollar church our sheikh said Christians wanted to build in Maldives eh