Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Republic? Democracy?..er..no..its actually a CULT

Maldives is a cult based on the teachings of man with the sexual powers of thirty men. He used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives. The Seal of his Prophethood was a large hairy mole on his back. His name is Mohammed and he lived in Arabia 1400 years ago.
Muhammad was born in the month of Rabi'al-awwal in 570. He belonged to the Banu Hashim, one of the prominent families of Mecca, although it seems not to have been prosperous during Muhammad's early lifetime. Muhammad's father, Abdullah, died almost six months before he was born. At the age of six Muhammad lost his mother Amina to illness and he became fully orphaned. He was subsequently brought up for two years under the guardianship of his paternal grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, of the Banu Hashim Clan of the Quraysh tribe. When he was eight years of age his grandfather also died. Muhammad now came under the care of his uncle Abu Talib, the new leader of Banu Hashim. Muhammad's guardians saw that he did not starve to death, but it was hard for them to do more for him, especially as the fortunes of the clan of Hashim seem to have been declining at that time. While still in his teens, Muhammad began accompanying his uncle on trading journeys to Syria gaining some experience in commercial career; the only career open to Muhammad as an orphan.
At some point Muhammad adopted the practice of meditating alone for several weeks every year in a cave near Mecca. In one of his visits to the Mount Hira, the angel called Jibreel began communicating with him in the year 610. Upon receiving his first revelations Muhammad was deeply distressed and contemplated throwing himself off the top of a mountain but the spirit moved closer and told him that he has been chosen as a messenger of God.

Mohammed taught that there is a Creator called Allah and all those who practice the Way of Allah would go to a place called Jannath.
The good Dhivehin who manage to go to Jannath shall be given 72 houris (beautiful, angelic-like female creatures of tender age, having large breasts which are round pointed, and not inclined to dangle. Their virginity is renewed each day. No matter at what age he had died, when he is admitted into paradise, he will become a thirty-year-old, and shall not age any further and they will be given the strength of a hundred men to eat, drink, feel desire and have sexual intercourse by Allah.
Maldivians have designed a nation that is only for people who believe this and ardently desire to have unlimited sex with these heavenly maidens who will be so beautiful, pure and transparent that the marrow of the bones of their legs will be seen through the flesh. When a Maldivian who has managed to get to Jannath desires a beauty, as soon as he can think it, he will have intercourse with them as desired. (Thats all my friend Ibrahim can think about even now!)
  • "A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea or thing and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control (e.g. isolation from former friends and family, debilitation, use of special methods to heighten suggestibility and subservience, powerful group pressures, information management, suspension of individuality or critical judgment, promotion of total dependency on the group and fear of [consequences of] leaving it, etc) designed to advance the goals of the group's leaders to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community."

When you have to believe this stuff about houris and jinns to be a citizen, Maldives is best described as a cult.


  1. Dhivehi Christian6:11 PM

    I heard that there is going to be a new clause in the Constitution:

    "Whatsoever else is mentioned in this Constitution, a male citizen of Maldives shall have two and seventy perpetual virgins in Paradise. He shall have intercourse whensoever he desireth without coitus interruptus. Whosoever rejecteth this offer shall be deemed to be a foreigner"

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM

    The holy ghost won't be happy with this, would he?


  3. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Attacking Christianity doest not make Islam true.

  4. Anonymous4:04 AM

    lol. And attacking Islam makes Christianity true? yu people must hv peanuts for brains..

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I didnt say that.

  6. Dhivehi Christian1:35 AM

    Dhivehi Observer is wondering (www.dhivehiobserver.com/2008/Maldives_News_2105200832828.htm) why a Maldivian soldier conducts himself with impunity after being accused of pedophlia with a 6 year-old girl. Doesn't that age (SIX) ring a bell to DO? Of course the soldier is proud of himself! He'd dischaged a "holy" sunnah. Muhammad himself set the example of raping 6 year-old girls between their thighs; 9 year-olds in their vaginas. The soldier is insisting on his right as a good Muslim and an exemplary citizen of Maldives.

  7. Anonymous4:47 AM

    hehe most unfortunate that i now know u r a christian