Monday, May 26, 2008

Human Rights Commission of Maldives - outright deception, revising, covering up or watering down?

There is some activity at the Human Rights Commission of Maldives website. The Original Report in Dhivehi from HRCM website - PDF is now missing. Instead there is a new English Summary of the Annual Report 2007 version that leaves out a lot of the Islamist propaganda that was in the original Dhivehi version.
Why is it that the Original Dhivehi article -
The page cannot be found.
Most probably this new version is meant for the foreign audience.
For just one example "
And (the commission) would also like to point out that, to save the society from religious divisions it is very important that the role played by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs be broadened."is not there anymore.

Am I missing something here?
The original report in Dhivehi was covered well and admirably here at Secular Maldives. Ismail also covered it here. If you read the postings at Secular Maldives and Dhivehistan Report, it is very clear that Tthe Human Rights Commission of Maldives has omitted very large parts of their Dhivehi version in translation to English. This new move is very suspect as outright deception, revising, covering up or watering down.
Islamists are well known to send one message to their people in the local language and an entirely different message to the world media in English.

Is the Human Rights Commission of Maldives deviously giving us their actual truthful version in Dhivehi and telling the outside world pleasant platitudes in English?


  1. Dhivehi Christian1:10 PM

    The HRCM consists of Muslims. Muslims practise taqiyya or telling "holy" lies in order to deceive infidels. It is all part of the worldwide terrorist jihad effort. Islam and human rights simply don't mix, period.

    If the HRCM is sincere about human rights, then it would fight for my right to practise my religion freely and openly here in Maldives. That is their obligation under international law.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    ހިއުމަންރައިޓްސް އަކީ ހަމައެކަނި ކަލޭމެންނައްޓަކާ އޮންނަ އެއްޗެއް ނޫން. މުސްލިމުން އުޅޭ ތަނެއްގަ މުސްލިމުންގެ ރައިޓްސް ރައްކާތެރި ނުކޮއް ދެން ކޮންބައެއްގެ ރައިޓްސްތަ ރައްކާތެރި ކުރާނީ؟ އަމައޭ ކިޔާބަލަ.

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM


  4. Dhivehi Christian3:59 PM

    Anonymous, you seem to think that it is a right of Muslims to withhold basic human rights from Christians and others. If HRCM fights for our rights that does not diminish anyone else's rights. At the moment HRCM is ignoring our rights and you seem to think that it is part of looking after your rights.

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Muslim or Christian, all human beings have the right to practice their faiths (even in Maldives). The problem of this site is its attitude towards Muslims. You must not forget that there are Muslims in Maldives who want Maldives to be a secular country. Slander and name-calling would not help your cause.

  6. Anonymous6:46 PM

    There are Muslims who want Maldives to be a secular country. (few). There are Muslims who are doing disgusting and horrendous deeds in the name of Allah.
    If the Muslim community goes into offended mode, and say i am the victim everytime one of their own does a dirty deed it will not help them either.
    and lighten up will ya.. learn to take some satire and humor instead of beheading someone

  7. The 'attitude" of this site is -

  8. anonymous,
    even though this site may be lacking of the attitude standards you require (towards Muslims) I hope that it will not hinder you in taking up this human rights issue with HRCM, the Majlis, Adhaalathu party, IDP, MDP, DRP and all your friends and family and informing them that "Muslim or Christian, all human beings have the right to practice their faiths (even in Maldives). "

  9. Dhivehi Muslim10:52 PM

    So if that's your attitude, why are you pissed off about HRCM's report? Don't they have the LIBERTY to issue a report which talks about things YOU don't want to hear? What about their liberty, eh?

    So stop using big words if you don't understand that they work both ways.

  10. Anonymous3:13 AM

    lovin this

  11. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Is the code of conduct for the HRCM the same as for a blog?

  12. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Liberty is strictly for bloggers?

  13. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Bloggers determine the laws of freedom in a nation?