Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Man jailed over feminism petition

A male defender of the feminist cause in Iran has been sentenced to a year in prison, the moderate Kargozaran newspaper reported on Monday.
Amir Yaqoubali is a supporter of the "One Million Signatures" petition campaign launched in June 2006. According to a feminist website, he was arrested as he collected signatures.
The campaign seeks to change the Islamic republic's laws on marriage, divorce, inheritance and child custody by collecting signatures both online and in person.
In recent months four feminists -- Rezvan Moghadam, Nahid Jafari, Nasrin Afzali and Marzieh Mortazi Langueroudi -- were handed down suspended sentences of six months in prison and 10 lashes by Tehran Revolutionary Court for disorderly conduct in public.
In March last year, they took part in a rally outside the same court to protest against the arrest of five feminists in June 2006.
Several other activists, arrested for their pro-feminism stance, are still in jail.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    remember Aniya's harrassnment and persecution?

  2. Aniya6:51 AM

    yes, i remember!...fok these male chauvinistic pigs. who neds them wen you'v got tribadism. hmph

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

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  4. Sandhaanu Ahammaidhee5:03 PM

    Remember Afraasheem? He's a Muslim. If the people can hit him with stones, imagine how life would be for Christian Muslims (if Maldives becomes secular).

  5. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Imagine when the laws are enforced. People who hit other people with stones will be prosecuted, convicted and punished.
    People of all faiths will live together in peace.
    The few who want to make fitna will be in jail!

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM