Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eleven Shia Muslims beheaded

At least 11 Shia Muslims were executed by a rival Sunni group in Pakistan's Kurram agency, a volatile north-western tribal district, a tribal leader said Monday.

The beheaded bodies of eight people from the Shia tribe Toori were found dumped in Arawali and three in the Sadda area of the district, tribal chief Ali Akbar told the Geo news television channel.

Taliban child beheading a human being

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  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    how much do u get for creating this hatred? wats ur kind f satisfaction?

  2. second-anonymous11:59 AM

    first anonymous,

    by "this kind of hatred", you DO mean the beheading right?

  3. Dhivehi Christian3:19 PM

    I am sure the first anonymous meant the beheading, when he or she referred to hatred. The only scene of hatred I can see in this post is the Islamic killing. If that isn't the outcome of hatred, what is?

    My kind of satisfaction would come from eradicating the source of such hatred. What about yours?

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Do you want me to publish photos of

    - people vaporised by a nuke in hiroshima?

    - mother and child gassed to death while breast feeding - iraqi kurds gassed by US supplied chemicals?

    - little clothless kids whose skins roasted by napalm bombs in hanoi 1967?

    - bodies melted by phosphorus bombs in faluja 2004?

    - children whose limbs are blown off by unexploded cluster bombs in lebanon 2006?

    Oh no, it doesn't count. Because they are too civilised. They use modern fighter jets and top-notch gps-guided cruise missiles. they use state of the art science to develop their chemicals and to maximise their kill that only one air strike can kill a few hundred suspected enemy combatants.

  5. Anonymous6:00 PM

    who's stopping you from 'publishing'? And whats civilized about abusing technology for harmful ends? :S

  6. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Gentleman pleease.

    As our illustrious dhivehi coconut has stated, this blog is not for thought provoking debate, or bringing to light a greater truth.
    This is for hate-mongering and Islamophobic propaganda.

    A guy on the Sinai peninsula can't even take a dump without it somehow being linked to muhammad and his cult.
    So lets all be the civilized
    Neanderthals this blog assumes us all to be and swallow whole this electronic shit.

  7. Dhivehi Christian6:56 PM

    Mohamed personally supervised the beheading of entire tribes. The same day he ordered the beheading of all men in each tribe he had sex with the best looking girl orphaned or widowed as a result of the beheadings.

    These simple Afghans are following Mohamed's example. You cannot compare that with the bombing of Hiroshima. Who was the founder of a religion, whose personal example the Hiroshima bombers were following? The simple fact is that the Hiroshima bombers did not follow the personal example of the founder of any religion.

    Muslims are following a pedophile, murderer, thief and rapist. Simple as that.

  8. Anonymous6:57 PM

    ^ uh.. isnt that obvious?

  9. second-anonymous again7:48 PM

    To add to what Dhivehi Christian said,

    It reflects desperation when you try to equate war crimes and other tragedies of human history with a buch of lunatics behading a group of people for what the other group believe in. That is just barbaric.

    Now going back to history, war crimes and crimes against humanity in general are not limited to just one religion. The Armenian Massacre, the Holocaust, the Iraq War, killing of Kurds by Saddam, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 1800s and so on. These atrocities are committed within the same ethnic group, the same religion, different ethnic groups or among people of different religious belief - point is, no relgion is better than the other.

    World leaders got together after the World War II to discuss how the crimes against humanity can be banned and punished even at the time of war. This is how humanity as a whole learns from their past mistake and sign treaties not to use nuclear bombs and ban certain kind of bombs (such as cluster) from being used even at war time.

    It is very wrong to try and equate barbaric killings that is not only accepted, but also honoured among the tribes, with the tragic war crimes. You are just stupid and desparte. Think about it...

  10. Anonymous8:53 PM

    "world leaders" got together after the world wars to make the world a better place dhoo.

    Having fought against each other to the point of extermination, having imposed on their civilian population the unimaginable horrors of first world governments quest for power and natural resources, they thought, quite suddenly, we are henceforth cleansed of all such inhumanity and we shall from this day forth strive to make the world a happy and free and democratic place for all peoples of the world. What a pretty little picture.

    And since then they have been behaving very well.

    Today, in a world of contemporary ethics and liberal ideals; governments of the champions of democracy are incapable of the kind of atrocities that religions continue to inflict on the planet dhoo

    Can you think? Do you know how to think outside your little box of one's and zeroes?

    When industrialized nations wage wars on other nations for global resources and it's own selfish national interests(against the sovereign rights of those under invasion/occupation), you don't see it as part of a systemic anomaly; of design; a flaw in built into the very fabric of what it is they proselytize as ethical secularism or humanism eh.
    You see it as human fallacy. A tragedy that cudnt be helpd dho.

    When their constitutions license such acts of war and/or shelter those who simply act upon the ideals they are brought up with, then also its is not an inherent flaw in their system; it is human fallacy in your mind

    Todays, Most atrocities are committed by or as a consequence of those without a belief in a God, upon those impoverished populations who are ironically blessed with the greatest wealth of natural resources. THIS NUMBER FAR OUTWEIGHS THOSE BEHEADED UNDER TRIBAL CUSTOMS.

    War crimes are not unintended. Abhu ghraib torture; feeding pork to prisoners, forced defecation over copies of the Quran, was not tragic in that it was unintended.
    The slave trade was not a tragic mistake; it was by design;Hiroshima was not tragic in that it was unintended;use of white phosphorus in the Iraq occupation was not tragic in that it was unintended; use of agent orange in the Vietnam war was not tragic in that it was unintended.
    They are all acts of horror by educated civilized men; liberal ideologues; the champions of democracy; the advocates of Gay and sexual obscenity; the free thinkers; the prophets of freedom.

    Arabs(synonymous with moslems)are cursing the day oil was discovered under their feet; the vast majority of identified oil reserves being in saudi arabia,iraq,iran. Not surprising then that they have gone militant and territorial in order to defend their wealth, their land and their sovereignty.
    It is just inconvenient for these first world governments, that they are fighting back as instructed in their holy book. I mean, why can't they just bow their heads like the Africans and let us suck them dry!

    It reflects desperation when you try to equate the actions of tribal customs or extremist elements(that constitute a minority)within a people following any faith to the fundamental ideals enshrined in that faith. Islam in its fundamental form condemns the killing of innocents, civilians, noncombatants.
    when in a war, having not the sophisticated weapons to kill the enemy, they are left to using their own bodies or swords THIS is a tragedy. Because arabs don't have the ICBMs or tomahawk missiles or whatnot.

    The sweet bias of hypocrisy.

  11. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Anony above me,

    I thought of replying to your response to second-anonymous with facts that would shed some light to your misunderstanding/misconception. But after reading upto this point "Todays, Most atrocities are committed by or as a consequence of those without a belief in a God..." I realised that it would be a complete waste of time.

    Funny 'dho'?

  12. Anonymous1:31 AM

    so funny, im laughin my ass off

    if thrs one thing i hate more than ignorance, its arrogant-ignorance.
    There are two kinds of people, one meant to lead the other to follow. then thrz the secret third kind, thos whos ego dare not allow themselves to realise the truth when those meant to follow them suddenly start to lead- n make an aweful lotta sense

    This "terrorism" cover you people have so beautifully fashioned to con the layman into thinking that its moslems or godfearers who continue to piss on human dignity. Xenophobes and homosexual free thinkers who seek to justify their lust and their ego by transferring the blame to those men of faith.
    Who cannot contemplate the fact that the majority of the world still sees it weird that yu people lik to wipe ur arse with tissue paper, to say the least. who cannot comprehend that a woman may wish to dress modestly, as opposed to baring flesh in all its liberty fr ur delights, that polygamy is a vice and premarital and extra-marital and teen sex is a virtue. That there are those who can see that this islamophobic flatulence is all hogwash designed to incite fear, a desperate web of lies and deception designed to prevent the islamisation of europe and to facilitate the militarization of west asia in order to secure future energy needs for its lecherous populations.

    some of us are actually capable of standing up for the Truth, whoever maybe the bearer of that truth.

    I live to tame ur kind.

  13. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The bombing of Hiroshima was a "tragedy of war" and the Gassing of Kurds was a mere "war crime". How about if you call them "mistakes" OR "accidents" sounds nicer. Yet there is gore and human stories behind every person killed.

    In fact, there is MORE human suffering in the
    "civilised" methods of warfare than the backward close quarter battles and barbaric beheadings. There are more fatalities, casualties and injuries.

    Well you can go on masking them with your choice of beautiful words like tragedy or war-crimes.

  14. Anonymous8:13 PM

    ah it looks like I have no choice but to embrace the beheadings.

  15. Anonymous9:53 PM

    u wanna hear condemnation of the beheadings? change your approach, break old alliances and finally, come clean.

  16. Anonymous12:28 AM

    pl stop this terrorism and let all of us live a peacefull and meaningfull life on this earth

  17. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Muslims are just sons of bitches and porks !!! yeah guys :)

  18. shahzeb2:15 PM

    We will see on the day of Judgement,INSHA ALLAH, when you all will burn in HELL and will repent on what you said and what you did in this mortal world but on that day it will be of no use.

    I know, you all are misdirected but no one has restricting you from finding the truth. Read and do the research yourself and don't listen to the biased historians of yours.

    Remember Ignorance of Law is not an Excuse so there fore you can't claim an excuse on the day of Judgement in front of the ALLAH (The only one GOD), so try to search for the right path for you, before death comes to you all.

  19. Anonymous4:13 AM


  20. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Look guys try to live is this shithole where I am Kandahar, and then talk shit. I have read most of the conversation between you guys. it makes me sick. Look I am muslim, to be honest I am not provde of it anymore. I have seeing muslims killing muslims in the name of god, Yes I see hate all over my country towards nonmuslim. I really don't know why, but that is the fact.

    I have lived in Canada and returned to Afghanistan to help out the poor, guess what I am been the target now for helping. again I realy don't know why.

    stop talking shit and get to reality.
    Honestly I lived in both part of the world. Muslim and nonmuslim countries. guess what I have seen enough hate by my people(the Muslims) for me to decide to get the hell out of here.

    the rest talk all you guys want. cos this is the fact. Good Bye. Allah Hafiz.Namasti. this world would never be peacefull.

  21. For those who think this is about hatred, Wake up before its too late, and Islam should be stopped before the next generation been a sacrifice to the fake moon-deity called allah.
    Islam is all about the politics its not a race its an esoteric religion. Stop the cancer or die.

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