Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Muslim refuses handshake with woman, loses prize..

A Muslim asylum seeker lost out on an award for volunteer work after indicating that he would not shake hands with the woman who was to present him with the prize.
Alinoor Ahmed Sheikh, a Somali based in an asylum hostel in Tralee, was to have been honoured for his work raising funds for Amnesty International at a ceremony last Thursday organised by the Africa Centre in Dublin. The event was designed to highlight the positive work done by refugees and asylum seekers in Irish communities.
Five minutes before Benedicta Attoh, a member of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism, was due to present the award she was told not to call out Sheikh’s name. “The judges had decided that someone else should get the award,” said Attoh, chairwoman of the Africa Centre’s board.
Attoh did not find out the reason why until she read in Metro Eireann on Friday that his name had been removed because of his refusal to shake hands with women. Sheikh told the newspaper that he had been assured his request not to shake a female presenter’s hand would be accommodated because it was based on his religious beliefs.
His certificate was presented to Therese Elumelu, who was not present, with Sheikh’s name crossed out.

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  1. Visnaashey3:52 PM

    Reward from Allah is much better than an award.....

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Squeezing a houri's tits is much better than squeezing a human woman's hand. You did the wise thing O Sheikh.

  3. Dhivehi Christian8:13 PM

    Civilized countries bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims driven out of Islamic lands by other Muslims. As soon as these ungrateful sods set foot in their host countries they do all in their power to impose their ugly culture and cult on the hosts.

    Why is it that civilized people visiting Islamic countries are obligated to wear the barbaric burqa and observe other barbaric customs, while Muslims visiting civilized countries insist on not reciprocating the courtesy?

  4. Anonymous10:30 PM

    dhivehistan sux

  5. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Civilised countries carpet bomb, napalm bomb and nuke their way out of problems. these civilised countries spend their BILLIONS in supporting oppressive regimes of the Sauds, Musharraf, Husni Mubarak, Pinochet, Pol Pot and even today's China. should i go on here?

    i am not surprised to see Amnesty International enforcing their "religion" because i have worked with Amnesty International.

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM

    yeah. if you have time read arunndhathin roy.

  7. Anonymous8:39 PM

    u r mad...dhivehistan

  8. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Who can be madder than anyone who put aside lifes biggest blessings, to follow in Satans footsteps..?

    Could there be another chance for you ..? What did you do with the chance given to you by Allah to see the truth? Only Allah can guide you.....Pity yourselves..losers...

  9. Anonymous8:04 AM

    You don't HAVE to follow in Satan's footsteps, OR Allah's. I have some all of my own, quite happy with them as it happens. I'm not rich in any respect, but I am not poor in any either. It is, believe it or not, possible to NOT call other people "losers" just because they don't agree with you. Why not try, um, thinking for yourself?