Wednesday, August 20, 2008

China detains 35 Pak Olympic spectators as terror suspects

Don't be surprised when Maldivians are profiled and asked to step aside at airports around the world. "Come this way..Mohammed ...Khadija...we need to do a cavity search"..or they tell you .." get back on the plane and go back to your paradise islands"
Not too long ago this happened to my friend. He had the visa, but a western immigration department put him on the plane back to Maldives.
Maldives is now on the radar in the western world as a Jihadi producing country.

"The Chinese government has reportedly detained 35 Pakistanis visiting China to watch Olympics after they were suspected of planning to attack proceedings of the Games.
China has asked the Pakistani government for details of the arrested in a letter that alleged 35 suspected Pakistani militants had arrived in China to attack proceedings at the Games, reported the Daily Times.
According to the paper, Col Anjum Sheikh Saeed of the Foreign Security Department wrote to the Interior Ministry on August 18 ordering the authorities concerned to collect details of those detained.

The Chinese government has not released the names of those being held, but has given the names and passport numbers of 13, including Anwar Afridi, Dildar Khan, Darwaish, Sultan, Akbar Shah, Muhammad Amin, Qadir, Asad Masood, Afzal, Saadat and Dolat Yousaf. "

From Sify News

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