Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the Final Destination of Dhivehin - 72 Hooralleen

Muslims spill the beans on the Qur'an's 'sex for murder' clause that has been the source of so much misery in the world.
Do Muslim suicide bombers actually believe that they will get 72 virgins or is this just western propaganda to make them look stupid?

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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    You're starting to sound like a sissy girl.

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Ibn Warraq (who writes in the UK's Guardian) says it's a misinterpretation of the word, that it really is "raisins" not "virgins." You may need to do more research on this before you draw your conclusions.

  3. I could not care less if it were raisins, virgins, noodles, or anything else if they did do all that evil disgusting things and kill themselves and others.
    You and Ibn Warraq should tell those who are doing dirty deeds, murder and mayhem for those raisins or virgins or fathafoli or whatever.
    BTW have you researched the sex life of Mohammed. There is a vast amount of historical writings on that...drawn any conclusions?

  4. abdullah7:03 AM

    haha ibn warq whoever that is if you dont want your raisins give them to me.

    suicide bombings is against teachings of islam !
    Abd al-Azīz Ibn Bāz(rahimahullah) previous grand mufti of saudiarabia said "We have already given our opinion of this many times before that such an act is never
    correct because it’s a form of killing oneself and Allāh says:And do not kill yourselves[Sūrah al-Nisā’, 4:29]
    And the prophet said:
    “Whoever kills himself by any means, he will be punished by it on the Day of
    The person should rather strive and seek to guide them and if fighting is legalized and
    legislated, then he fights alongside the Muslims. If he’s then killed in this way, then Allāh is praised. But as for killing himself by booby-trapping his body with explosives, thereby
    killing others and himself, this is wrong and completely impermissible. Rather, he should
    fight with the Muslims only when fighting is legitimately legislated. As for the actions of
    (some of) the Palestinians, they are wrong and produce no benefit. Instead, it is
    compulsory upon them to call to Allāh by teaching, guiding, and advising and not by such
    actions as these."

    and the scholars have refuted this tirelessly

    Tracking Down the Terrorists is One of the Greatest Forms of Jihad
    Ibn al-Uthaymīn on Suicide-Bombings

    Suicidal Acts of "Martyrdom"'Abd al-'Azīz al-Rājihī
    Suicidal Acts of “Martyrdom” 'Abd al-Muhsin Āli-'Ubaykān
    Suicide Bombings Sālih al-Fawzān

    I didnt bother to get bored with your stupid jewish video. "vast amount of historical writings on that" hmm I wonder whats the definistion of vast is may be compared to your brain the writings must be vast. you have a problem, obsession with sex.

  5. Abdullah,
    It is very intelligent and smart (the kind you get from reciting the Koran) that you "didnt bother to get bored" with our stupid jewish video but you wrote a comment and recited your lines as you have been trained.

  6. So these suicide bombers are blowing up themselves and others just to eat raisins? How...er, sad.