Friday, July 17, 2009

Obediant Maldivians choose blissful ignorance as ordered by Allah (SWT)

Maldives Blocking all Christian Websites in Case "Someone's Faith in Islam is Weak".....

Ignorance is bliss.....

Ministry To Block Access To Christian Website- Minivan News

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    o enlightened blogger leave us undeveloped people to ourself. you see we are not so civilized maybe we didnt get some of the great genes you people possess from evolution from monkeys. you see we envy your openness and how great you are that we are able to see your daughters and wifes naked with those nice titties. pls forgive our minister of islamic affairs he doesnt know any better than supress freedom of speech. oh if he denies or plays down holocaust we will stone him. you see its an offence you know UN has a resolution against it. or may be we can send him to hague so he would be treated humanely. I am sure otherwise he will be stoned to death. you see your blog doesnt help us at all since our brain cells dont work so well as yours. too bad too many maldivians have defect brain cells and there is so less enlgitend people like you in our country. I think its best for you and those who are enlightend and with working brain cells to seek asylumn in some respectable country and leave us to our missery. and remember to show your daughters titties on the internet we love those titties.

  2. Teddy Bear Mohaned5:34 PM

    We will leave you ignoramuses alone just like we leave Stone Age tribes still left in the Amazon jungles. You see, there is a slight hitch because you people don't like to leave us alone. You need our financial institutions to lend you money. Plenty of it all the time. You need us to finance your developmental projects from our kuffar taxes for free. You need us to patronise your tourist resorts, drink wine, and expose our titties, just as Mohamed's whore-al-eeens would in his Allah's jannah. You need us to do all this so that you have enough dollars; yes Great Satan American dollars for you to spend on going to Mecca to worship Allah's Black Stone. You also need American dollars to go to India and Bangkok to treat yourselves in our idol-worshipping hospitals and send your children to our Christian schools in Colombo, Mysore and Bangalore. You also want to use our technology to build airports, marinas and communications networks. Our technology, yes, because your technology is still based in the Bronze Age. You see, that is the problem. If you didn't want all that and gracefully retire to some cave like your friend Osama then it would be easy to leave you alone, as long as you don't harass us from the depths of that cave like the sheikh does.

    To paraphrase, leave us alone and we will leave you and your brain cells alone so that you can cover up your wives' and daughters' titties with coconut shell bras and camel skin burugas.

    Got it?

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    esteemed blogger. we would rather live with coconut cell bras rather than your generous money. We would love to be ignorant but you insist you should save us. and give us loans for our development train our youth in your institutions. and open our closed tiny brains. where do you think these open minded enlightened bloggers come from. with generous loans from kuffar taxes from WTO,IMF world bank we lose first our economic sovereignty next every thing. before you know it you are technicaly slaves to kuffar generosity. thanks for saving us so much that our great grand children would be working to pay these debts. BTW I our brothers in IRAQ would be so thankful for bringing them democracy and afghanistan also. And the african countries occupied and raped of its resources will be so grateful for all the IMF money that they have to let the kuffar coporate compannies to pump out everything in their countries.
    what do you know all these kuffars are bastards so what do you expect.
    I really got it