Friday, December 18, 2009

Informal 'Club Polygamy' Thrives in Maldives...

and will soon build a close alliance with the "Global Ikhlwan" polygamy club where Dr Gina Puspita tries to help women get over their jealousy

It is a scene of peaceful serenity. Rows of men kneel in deep prayer inside a large hall on the outskirts of Jakarta. The women sit just behind them, their heads bowed in quiet contemplation.

It could be afternoon prayers anywhere in Indonesia, a vast Muslim-majority archipelago, but this scene happens to be inside the sprawling headquarters of Jakarta's newest club - the "Global Ikhlwan" polygamy club.

Tucked away in a leafy suburb a few hours out of Jakarta, the club was set up in Indonesia earlier this year, but has its origins in Malaysia.

It says it has more than 1,000 members worldwide - as far away as Australia and the United States.

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