Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Maldivians suspected of "plan' against Allah

"If Anni and Zuhair think that they can plan against Allah they have forgotten that more "intelligent and powerful" people did plan against Islam and the Prophet but ultimately Allah and His religion and His Prophet prevailed...and will continue to prevail. "

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  1. The actual source is this.

  2. Simon
    Thanks for link. Bushry is boring, trying to outdo himself with more outlandish stuff.
    Kandukoss covering Bushry is interesting,
    the illustrations of "no skinny ladies tops here" and the self help books could maybe give an insight into the process

  3. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Leave Bushry alone
    he has suffered enough. Try understand why this young progressive man became a radical extremist.

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Whatever reason it may be, it is not an excuse. And intolerance will not be tolerated.